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Where Is Surge Located?

“Where are you located???”

surge-crew -works-from-home located-where-ever-we-land

It’s usually the first question we hear after “What does Surge do?”, and since it’s asked so often, we thought it would be the perfect first blog post.

So, to answer the question — We all work from home. Jealous?

It’s always been our goal to provide the very best service to our clients, at the lowest price possible. One of the ways we accomplish this is by keeping our overhead to a minimum…which means no office. Simple.

We all enjoy working independently from one another, yet we communicate via email and text all day long. Mackenzie and Angie meet at a local coffee shop once a week to work together, just for fun. We also hold a Staff meeting once a week where we have a meal together as a “family” and talk through the client list, determine current needs, and come up with new ideas. In some ways, we’re “located” wherever we want to be…Wherever inspires us the most.

We’ve also come to realize that it’s not really necessary for us to have an office. As Mackenzie once said, “It’s rare that I spend a full day at home working. I’m usually running to client meetings, taking photos for clients, delivering their promotional products….there’s always running to do.” We make ourselves available for our clients. Whether it’s taking photos at Duluth Feed & Seed, or dropping promotional products off at Great Lakes Mobil1, then speeding off to a meeting with Impact North, we’re there for our clients in more ways than one. And we’re pretty proud of that.
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